February 5, 2020

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San Francisco Holiday Travel with your ESTA USA

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Between the waters of San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean lies one of America’s most unique cities. Frisco, as locals call it, manages to be altogether sophisticated and casual, liberal and familiar. An everlasting fog surrounds the city, creating an atmosphere where everyone can be anything they want. With foreign nationals composing half of the population, this Californian metropolis shows a noble quality: the respect for differences.

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The city grew around dozens of hills, rendering it a charming scenery. Between the ups and downs of the slopes, each street holds an interesting surprise. Amidst classic Victorian houses, modern buildings, and the relaxing pace of life by the bay, you will find several touristic attractions. Yet, San Fran makes you feel part of the city, not just a stranger on a visit. 

Take off your shoes and enjoy a few minutes with your feet on the grass at Dolores Park. Or try a fresh crab at Fisherman’s Wharf. Or even rent a bicycle to cross the Golden Gate and enjoy the view of the city in the gardens of Alcatraz. At the end of the day, stop at one of the several wine bars that line the streets and make a toast.

Both the city’s progressiveness and the warmth of the Californian sun entice thousands of British travelers to visit San Francisco every year. And with direct flights from the UK to SFO, the trip becomes even easier. In this guide, you will find suggestions for your holiday in Frisco, including top hotels and restaurants, as well as sightseeing insights.


Flying from the UK to San Francisco on Holiday

The majority of flights leaving the UK for San Francisco depart from London Heathrow or Gatwick. Direct journeys last roughly 11 hours, yet many airlines operate with stopovers in other European airports. Economy tickets start from $200 one way but the average rate is $300. Virgin Airlines offers return specials for $400 straight from Heathrow to SFO. Business-class travelers can expect to pay between $900 and $1200 for single tickets with one or more stops. A return fare from Gatwick costs around $2500 with Turkish or SAS. British travelers opting to fly first class should contact British Airways for direct flights. BA operates non-stop journeys departing from Heathrow. Prices for a one-way fare vary between $7000 and $15000. Return tickets, on the other hand, can cost just $5500 straight from LHR to SFO.

Below is a summary of the two best lounges for UK passengers at San Francisco Int’l:


  • British Airways Terraces Lounge


This is a typical terrace lounge, neither too luxurious nor too simple. With a minimalistic design, the focus doesn’t seem to be on the ambiance but in the services and amenities. Several cushioned sofas and private seating areas provide enough comfort for short stays. Highlights include excellent shower suites, a vast selection of beverages, and a business center. Guests may also download digital magazines free of charge. The lounge also offers WiFi and complimentary snacks as well as a soup of the day menu. In the morning, the lounge serves Korean Airlines passengers. After 1 pm, it welcomes BA and OneWorld customers.


  • Air France KLM Lounge


Located in Terminal A of SFO, the Air France KLM Lounge is one of the airport’s newly renovated clubs. It welcomes passengers of KLM, Air France, Air Canada, and SkyTeam members. With the revamp, the area now features a designated dining area with a buffet and a beverage counter in the main room. The self-service bar provides passengers with anything from cool drinks to high-end wines and champagne. As for the food selection, it includes ready-made dishes and sandwiches, desserts and snacks. Yet the main feature of this lounge remains the tall windows and wide-angle views of the runway.


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San Francisco Holiday Accommodation

San Francisco has well-linked tourist attractions and accommodation alternatives. The two most popular areas to look for hotels are Fisherman’s Wharf and Union Square. One has very different characteristics from the other, so it is important to evaluate which one suits your needs.

The Union Square area features great shopping locations, night clubs, theatres, and several restaurants. Streets buzz from early in the morning until around 1 am, with various shops and cafes keeping the vibe alive. Public transport options here are also excellent. One can choose between Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) services or catch the historic Cable Car. This is also the starting point for Hop-on Hop-off tourist buses.

At Fisherman’s Wharf, the reality is quite different. At the edge of the San Francisco Bay, the region attracts even more tourists than its counterpart. It is quiet, pleasant, and you will be close to areas like Pier 39, Embarcadero, and Ghirardelli Square. The region transmits the feeling of a never-ending vacation. There is no honks or hubbub and those who stay here have a better chance of resting.

If you are considering where to stay in San Fran, check out the shortlist of 3-5-star hotels in the city.


  • Loews Regency (5 Stars)


Situated at the top of the third tallest building in San Francisco, the Loews Regency rises above the city. While other hotels have great views none of them can compare to Loews. With 155, the hotel starts on the 38th floor up to the penthouse. Views are so captivating that guests can take a while to notice the interior decor. Like the panorama, rooms are also among the best in San Fran. Not only do they exceed local quality standards, but they bring the concept of luxury amenities to another level. King-size, pillow-top beds, minibars, large marble bathrooms, and even binoculars to peek through the window. Yet it is the charming 8000 square foot spa that remains the hotel’s highlight.


  • Hotel The Fairmont Heritage Place Ghirardelli Square (5 Stars)


Next on the list of best hotels in San Francisco, be sure to include the magnificent The Fairmont Heritage Place. Situated at the top of Ghirardelli Square, this hotel is close to several tourist spots and provides views of all of them. Regarding its facilities, the Fairmont Heritage features free parking and WiFi, transfer services, electronic keys, and an excellent restaurant. The rooms live up to the rest of the hotel. Most come with guest iPads, fireplace, private bathrooms, and balconies. Additional services include gourmet room-service and laundry.


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  • Hotel Omni (4 Stars)


The Hotel Omni gains many points for its location at the intersection of California Street and Montgomery Street. This is a great alternative for those looking to stay in a central area of the city, close to everything. Another positive aspect of the Omni is that it is very close to the BART Montgomery Street station. This makes it easy to go on long day tours as there will be no problem to get back. The hotel offers an on-site restaurant with delicious local cuisine, gym, meeting facilities, tour desk, luggage storage, WiFi, and parking. As for the rooms, they feature high-end decor with a flat-screen TV, private bathrooms and even bathrobes. 


  • Drisco Hotel (4 Stars)

Located on Pacific Avenue, one of the most important in the city, the Drisco has secured a loyal clientele. The first upside is the location. It sits a stone’s throw from Union Square, The Presidio National Park, and Lombard Street. Another advantage is the facilities. The hotel offers 24-hour reception, free parking, a large and modern gym, and well-reviewed restaurant. In terms of amenities, the rooms do justice to their four stars. Besides the comfort, they feature everything from coffee makers to Egyptian cotton sheets and 24-hour cleaning service. 



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  • Nineteen 06 Mission (3 Stars)


Despite having only 3 stars, the Nineteen 06 Mission has great references. Much of it is due to the hotel’s character, which somehow represents the personality of San Francisco. Simplicity and modernism define this place. This is a hotel for travelers who want to explore every corner of the city beyond touristic spots. Located in Mission, one of Frisco’s cultural districts, this place buzzes with architectural and gastronomical richness. This is where “normal life” takes place in San Francisco. Yet it is not far from the main landmarks. The hotel offers a well-regarded breakfast, has an environmental sustainable policy, and is very close to the metro.


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  • Inn At Union Square (3 Stars)


If you wish to explore the urban heart of San Francisco, the Inn at Union Square is a great option. Located in the city’s main commercial area, the Inn offers what is considered a European-style accommodation. Rooms feature simple yet very elegant decor, with attention to details. The Union Square region is ideal for those who seek to shop and enjoy the city’s restaurants and vibrant nightlife. Consider the Inn if you plan to spend your days exploring the city instead of lounging at the hotel. Other than the location, the hotel prides itself in the breakfast-in-bed service.


Sightseeing in San Francisco

Unlike the usual fast-paced American city, visitors will find that San Francisco has a rhythm of its own. Here you can unwind, hop on the first cable car that passes by and enjoy the city’s charming streets. Or rent a bicycle and ride to and around the many parks in the region. Contrary to London, for instance, Frisco invites you to wander without haste. Whichever way you go, you will discover a new point of interest in each new slope. And if you don’t know how to locate yourself, just open the map. San Francisco remains one of those places where it is fun to get lost and easy to find yourself.



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  • Alcatraz Alcatraz prison San Francisco


In the waters of San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz Island shines bright. Originally an indigenous land, the island became a military fort in 1859 and remained so until the end of the Civil War in 1865. In 1934, it became a federal maximum-security prison, then closed its doors in 1963. Currently, it functions as a park and is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Tourists from all over the world fight for a spot to visit the place. Sometimes it is necessary to buy a ticket a month in advance, but those who secure a spot don’t regret it. The tour departs from Pier 33, taking just over ten minutes to arrive on the island. A guard welcomes visitors and briefs them on the history of the place. The visit doesn’t last long but each person is free to walk around at their pace. Besides the history lesson, it is possible to see and photograph San Francisco from another angle.


  • San Francisco Bay – Boat Tour


Water surrounds San Francisco almost completely. To one side lies the Pacific Ocean, to the other, the bay. It is no wonder that many of the tourist attractions have something to do with the coast. Although most tours take place on land, it is in the mysterious waters of the bay that dazzle most visitors.

Numerous companies specialize in activities such as sailing at sunset, boating under the Golden Gate and sailing around Alcatraz Island. The better the weather, the more beautiful the tour will be. Costs vary according to the duration and exclusivity of the tour. Group tours in larger boats cost less, while romantic sailing trips can be expensive. If catching a boat at Pier 39, keep an eye out for the sea lions that live in the area.


  • Lombard Street


The stretch of Lombard Street between Leavenworth and Hyde is so steep that a resident suggested it reconstructed. Dating back to 1922, the project redesigns the road to make eight turns so cars could descend without skidding. It was so strange that it became famous among tourists. Today Lombard Street bears the title of the world’s most winding street.

Beautiful gardens surround this one-way track made of red bricks. Those who pass there are usually visitors looking for a less common angle to the city of San Francisco. You can walk there or hop on the historic cable car. The ride is fun, but there is no adrenaline since the maximum allowed speed is 8 km / h. Still, the best way to photograph the curves of Lombard Street is from the top of Coit Tower.

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  • Ferry Building


On the edge of the bay, where Market Street and Embarcadero meet, lies one of the favorite spots of San Franciscans. With an imposing clock tower, the Ferry Building marks the time of travelers arriving or departing from travel. The historic building dates back to 1898. It used to be the main gateway for anyone arriving in the city. Especially for those who arrived for the construction of the Golden Gate and Bay Bridge.

After a major revamp, the location also began to serve as a great gourmet market for local producers. There you will find fresh goods and handmade products from all over California. Wine, bread, cheese, olive oil, meat, vegetables and specialty coffees that come straight from the farm. In addition to the shops, those who want to enjoy the bay atmosphere can book a table at a restaurant. Menus offer everything from Japanese to Argentine and Californian cuisines, all loaded with fresh seafood. 


Best San Francisco Restaurants

To walk the streets of San Francisco is a constant temptation. And it is not necessary to look for sophisticated and fancy places to enjoy unforgettable meals – they are everywhere. Although it is possible to find restaurants throughout the city, some areas are famous for the high concentration of high-quality options. This, of course, makes planning your lunch or dinner arrangements rather easy.

At the edge of the bay, big names offer elaborate seafood dishes with fresh ingredients straight from the local producers. In the Fisherman’s Wharf area, for example, you will find dozens of excellent restaurants. Yet the great local attraction comes straight from the fishermen’s boats. Stalls sell seafood (especially giant crabs) and serve fresh delicacies or traditional sandwiches.

You may not find a fish and chips joint, but the sea-based San Franciscan culinary scene will not disappoint you. Our selection provides you with a quick glimpse of what to expect from some of the main restaurants in San Fran.


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  • Delica (Medium Level)


Delica’s bistro-like atmosphere surprises with its elegance and refined dishes. The cuisine focuses on fresh California ingredients to add even more flavor to the traditional Japanese cuisine. The restaurant is located at the edge of San Francisco Bay, inside the Ferry Building Marketplace. Here you will have the opportunity to try a menu made up of sustainably produced, organic food. For this reason, the menu changes according to the products of the season. Operating in an open-kitchen style, customers can follow the preparation process of all dishes. Each piece of sashimi that comes to the table resembles a work of art. 


  • Original Joe’s (Medium Level)


Since 1937, Original Joe’s attracts enough customers to the point of forming waiting lines. The reason behind the long lines is simple: the quality of the food is exceptional. This iconic San Francisco restaurant lies in the heart of North Beach, the traditional Italian stronghold in the city. A mix of Italian and American cuisines inspire the menu. Likewise, the size of portions draws from both culture’s tendency for exaggeration. In other words, it is comfort food with a home-made taste. Highlights of the menu include the eggplant parmigiana, veal escalope, and the iconic spaghetti with meatballs. Everything comes in abundance, imbibed with deep flavors from fresh ingredients.


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  • Cala (Medium Level)


Cala’s refined Mexican cuisine gains even more depth with the place’s stylish design. Gabriela Camara, a chef from Mexico City, runs not one but two trendy culinary spaces. Back home, Contramar follows the mode of its San Franciscan sibling. Classic and somewhat simple ingredients turn into beautifully presented, elegant dishes. Weird combinations transform traditional Mexican recipes into something that crosses borders and break rules. All in a cozy, relaxing environment with plenty of interesting cocktails to accompany the food.

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  • Crab House (Top Level)


Another classic of the city is the famous Crab House. This restaurant sits on Pier 39, one of the most visited spots in San Francisco. Very traditional among locals and visitors alike, this is an excellent choice for those who are already in the area. The building and its decor resemble a vessel, which makes it a sort of touristic attraction in itself. Moreover, this spot became a mandatory stop among tourists for their amazing seafood menu. Choose between fresh-caught salmon, crab, lobster or shrimp, as well as delicious salads and sandwiches. 


  • Gary Danko (Top Level)


Gary Danko was one of the restaurants that won over the palates of both locals and tourists. Nowadays, foodies consider it one of the best restaurants in San Francisco. It is located near the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park and serves delicious dishes ranging from salads to caviar. Vegetarians, as well as customers on special diets, can request for the restaurant’s customized menu. Renowned American chef Gary Danko runs the place, transmitting his talent to refined dishes that are worth every penny. Don’t forget to make a reservation via the website in advance.

For British citizens, US travel is made substantially easier thanks to the ESTA application and the ESTA USA travel permit. No more need for a Visa US which would require a visit to the US embassy. The ESTA application is 100% online. British citizens planning to visit San Francisco will not be disappointed. The city offers the same Californian vibe as LA or San Diego, for example. But unlike Los Angeles, attractions are easily accessible, streets are safer, and the atmosphere more tranquil. One can say that Frisco is a big city with the heart of a village. It is a destination that suits all types of travelers for all kinds of holidays.




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With the ESTA application, there is no more need for a Visa US, no more Embassy visits, no more time wasted!

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