ESTA- Electronic System for Travel Authorization

  • Lasts 2 Years, or up to Passport Validity
  • Grants Multiple Entries up to 90 days
  • Required for Business, Tourism or Transit

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With an Electronic Travel Authorization, you may stay in the United States for up to 90 days.

Esta Visa

For Business Travel

When you have business to conduct in the country


For Tourist Travel

When you come to the United States for pleasure


For Transit Travel

When you transit through the U.S. with another destination

You may obtain an ESTA Travel Visa if:
  • You possess a current e-passport
  • You are from a Visa Waiver Programme country and have a passport
  • Your stay will last 90 days or less

“ESTA” stands for “Electronic System for Travel Authorisation.” The application process is an automated system managed by the Department of Homeland Security. A traveller with an approved application is deemed eligible to enter the USA prior to their travel.

An application must be completed and submitted online; it replaces the paper entry forms formerly required. Anyone traveling from a visa waiver country with a passport must apply for an ESTA. Completion of the application allows travelers to be screened by the US Government before they enter the United States.

An application must be completed regardless of the purpose of travel (i.e., personal or commercial). ESTA Visas became mandatory on 12 January 2009 as part of the United States’ effort to boost border protection.

How long is it valid? It grants travelers a stay in the United States for up to 90 days.

Who needs an ESTA?

Any traveler coming from a Visa Waiver Programme country, who has a passport, needs to obtain one before departing for the U.S.

When should I apply for an ESTA Visa?

Submit your application at least three days before you plan to leave. Submit earlier if possible.

Why does the U.S. require ESTA Visas?

The requirement was established by the Department of Homeland Security to increase border security.

What happens if my ESTA application is denied?

Do not try to leave on your trip if your ESTA Visa has been denied. You must obtain a regular US Visa through the US Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence or citizenship.

What you should know about getting a USA ESTA Visa

USA ESTA, we’re committed to helping you obtain your Visa easily and quickly. We have compiled a list of the most-frequently-asked questions about the process. Please click here. for a comprehensive list of questions and answers that travelers commonly ask about getting a USA ESTA Visa.


What is the Visa Waiver Programme?

Previouslyto 2009, any traveler going to the United States, whether for business or pleasure, was required to possess a passport with a full visa. Now, travelers coming from member countries of the Visa Waiver Programme only need an ESTA. If they meet the requirements and their application is approved, they are eligible to enter the United States without a full visa. Not all countries are members of the visa Waiver Programme.

How do I apply for an ESTA (Visa Waiver)?

Applications are submitted online. Applicants are notified via email if their application has been granted or denied. Usually, notification emails arrive within minutes of the application submission, but they can take up to 48 hours.

 You may apply for the ESTA Visa on this website. If you do not receive a notification email within 48 hours, please contact us so that we may check the status of your application.

Does an ESTA Visa expire?

Yes, it expires two years from the date it was issued. Certain circumstances may necessitate a new application. These include:

  • Name change
  • Gender change
  • The issuance of a new passport
  • Change in country of citizenship
  • Change in eligibility criteria

What is an E-passport?

An e-passport, also called a biometric passport, is a traditional paper passportbook that contains an electronic chip. This chip holds all information printed in the passport book in digital form. It also includes a digital photo of the passport holder.


Must I have an ESTA for travel to the USA from the UK?

Travelerswith a UK e-passport may enter the USA with only an ESTA if they have 1)purchased a return ticket and 2) if their trip is 90 days or less in length.They do not need a full visa.

What is the US Visa Waiver Programme?

TheUS Visa Waiver Programme grants citizens of countries who are members of theProgramme eligibility to enter the US with only an e-passport and an ESTA Visa.Citizens of countries not part of the Programme must obtain full visas. TheVisa Waiver Programme was established to facilitate travel for business andpleasure while maintaining border security protocols.

What are my passport requirements for an ESTA Visa?

Citizensof the UK applying for an ESTA must possess a passport that will be valid forthe duration of their 90-day (or shorter) stay in the US. Citizens of othercountries may be required to possess a passport that is valid for the durationof their stay and, in addition, is valid for at least six months before theirintended travel date.

How long does it take to apply for an ESTA?

Itonly takes a few minutes to apply online for an ESTA. You may apply on thiswebsite. When you have completed the application, you will be taken to a secureelectronic payment page. Submission of payment finalizes the application.Typically, an acceptance notification email is sent within minutes ofapplication submission. The ESTA Visa follows by email.