April 13, 2018

United States: Everything you need to know about adventure tourism!

United States: Everything you need to know about adventure tourism!

Nowadays, adventure tourism is possibly one of the most unique ways of thrill-seeking and completely getting away from traditional calm and relaxing holidays.

This type of tourism is normally associated with ecotourism activities, hiking and extreme sports.

The United States offers many possibilities such as hiking, climbing, extreme sports and other activities that will increase your adrenalin, as well as some more popular adventure activities.

The wide variety of activities offered in the United States is largely due to the size of the country, and its many geographical differences.

The United States has more than 9 million kilometres squared to offer you: mountains, rivers, lakes, oceans, snow and forests with many different climates, meaning that there is something for every adventurer and travel lover.

If you love adventure and high adrenaline levels and have decided to travel to Uncle Sam’s country from the UK, don’t forget that you need to request ESTA Travel Authorization.

Requesting an ESTA is necessary for all citizens from countries which belong to the United States Visa Waiver Program. These citizens only need an Esta Visa which is simply an electronic travel authorization.

Here’s our list with the best adventure tourism destinations:


Alaska offers a great variety of activities such as:

  • Exploring its frozen desert with experienced guides
  • Going to various places on an airplane tour
  • Depending on the time of the year, hiking
  • Cycling through forests
  • Kayaking
  • Go on a glacier tour
  • Cycling routes
  • Snowboarding

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California is one of the most popular destinations for adventure lovers. In some places like Alexander Valley, you can go for a picnic in one of the hundreds of specially prepared areas located beside the roadside.

You can see beautiful scenery, vineyards, farms and pastures which look like something out of a Hollywood film.

In Yosemite Natural Park, you can visit its impressive and majestic waterfalls, huge prairies, granite peaks, valleys, plateaus and beautiful scenery that can be seen from some of its amazing cliffs.

Finally, we would recommend you visit the Death Valley National Park which,like the Yosemite National Park, has a lot to offer.


Without a doubt, this state is the “mecca” of beautiful scenery with friendly locals and historic places to visit, making it the perfect place for an adventure trip.

You will find streams, mountains and forests, as well as mining towns which you can visit if you like.


Maine offers a variety of landscapes which allow you to breathe in fresh air. In the Acadia National Park, you can increase your adrenaline climbing mountains, cycling through prairies and hiking.

Maine has an archipelago of over 60 islands, with one of the most popular activities in the area being kayaking.

On Deer Isle, you can visit fishing villages and see seals and whales depending on the time of the year.

The adventure you can experience in this great state is complemented by scenery such as rocky coastlines, lakes, rivers and beaches.


Many cyclists consider Oregon to be one of the best places to cycle.

You can also go on excursions on Lago Klamath, which is located in dense woodland, where various ecotourism activities take place. You will also have the chance to climb a 2,700 feet crater and see the stunning river below it. This crater is a former volcano surrounded by the lake’s beauty.

Finally, at the roadside you will find a forest full of giant pine trees that you can explore on a guided tour through specific areas.

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