February 17, 2020

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Boston skyline

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One of the oldest cities in the United States, Boston has its origins in 1630 and was the site of several key battles during the American Revolution. Today, the city is divided into 21 districts and is home to more than six million people. It is known for its Irish pubs, Boston Red Sox fans, and a relaxed small-town. 

Boston also boasts of the oldest subway in the United States, the first library and public school, and a long list of prominent historical landmarks. But you will be wrong if you think Boston dwells in its past. The cutting-edge research in some of the most prestigious universities, blooming entrepreneurship, and technological advancements add to its futuristic persona. Shoppers and art lovers will find Boston appealing year-around with its shops and galleries from small boutiques to expansive malls. Read this guide for suggestions on the top holiday accommodations, attractions, and restaurants in Boston.

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Flying from the UK to Boston on Holiday British Airways

Multiple daily flights connect London to Boston. Non-stop flights take 7.5 hours. Norwegian Airlines usually offers the cheapest rates with the round-trip economy fare starting from $310. Other economical airlines include Virgin Atlantic, KLM, Air France, and Delta Airlines. British Airways and American Airlines also have frequent flights, but they are a bit costlier. If you don’t mind splurging on comfort, you can get a business-class ticket for $3491 and a first-class ticket for $4891.


Here are the three best lounges at Boston Airport:


The Lounge

Relax and unwind after a tiring commute at The Lounge. Grab a newspaper or magazine and enjoy open views of the airfield. If you need to process your documents, you can use the printers, fax machines, and copiers. The Lounge welcomes only ticketed passengers, and the maximum duration of stay is 3 hours. Priority Pass, Diners Club, and Lounge Club members can access The Lounge free of charge; others have to pay $40 per person.

The Club


The Club is located near Gate 11 of Terminal E and is open from 5:30 am to 1:00 am. You can access it for free if you have a Priority Pass, Diners Club, and Lounge Club membership or by paying $40 at the door. Facilities include snacks, beverages, Wi-Fi, newspapers, magazines, disabled access, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, TV, showers, flight monitors, and more. The Club permits entry only 3 hours before your flight departure.


An ESTA visa recommendation – Air France Lounge

Take advantage of the complimentary snacks and drinks, TV, computers, printers, Wi-Fi, magazines, and newspapers at the Air France Lounge. The lounge sits next to gate 4 of Terminal E and is open from 11:30 am to 11:30 pm. Access is free for Air France passengers and Gold, Platinum, Silver or Ivory members of Flying Blue. If you don’t qualify for free access, you can enter the lounge by paying $35 at the door.

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Holiday Hotels in Boston

Hotels in Boston are a mix of the old and the new. They sport all the modern amenities you need but also have historical elements depicting the city’s dynamic past. Downtown Boston, Back Bay, and Beacon Hill are the best areas to stay if you are on holiday. These areas are close to the major tourist attractions in the city – so you will save plenty of time in commuting. From family-run b&bs to 5-star luxury chains to converted prison, Boston has a wide variety of accommodation options. To make it easier for you to plan your holiday in Boston, we have picked some of the best hotels in Boston.

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Boston Marriott Long Wharf (4 Stars) Boston Marriott Long Wharf


Overlooking the Boston Harbor, Long Wharf has a premier location owing to its proximity to Christopher Columbus Park, Little Italy, and New England Aquarium. The seven-story building has a brick exterior and an ornate interior featuring arched portholes and an open-plan lobby. From the large windows of the indoor pool, you can enjoy spectacular views of the harbour. Most of the rooms have water-views, along with plush furniture and standing showers. Long Wharf restaurant, Waterline serves fresh, healthy dishes while the Library bar has a range of cocktails to choose from. Here you can enjoy your drinks on the backdrop of a soothing jazz performance.

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XV Beacon Hotel (5 Stars) boston-xv-beacon-hotel


The famous architect William Gibbons Preston designed the XV Beacon Hotel in 1903. The interior retains several original elements, such as the marble staircase and the precious woods that line the walls. You will also find an elevator of the original iron and the crown jewel. One of the services that this boutique hotel offers its guests is a courtesy car to get to know the Beacon Hill neighborhood. Beacon Hill is famous for its federal-style houses, brick sidewalks and street lamps still lit with gas. XV Beacon Hotel showcases an excellent art collection, with pieces from the classical era to the 21st century. Stay leisurely in one of the sixty spacious rooms having high ceilings, some with a fireplace and private jacuzzi. What adds extra fun to your holidays is a luxury spa and yoga classes.

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The Lenox Hotel (4 Stars) boston-lenox-hotel


A part of the Luxe Collection, Lenox is a boutique hotel on Newbury Street in Back Bay. The same family, the Saunders, have been the owners of this luxury property for more than half a century. The Tudor-style interior takes pride in the hand-painted walls, gold-embossed wallpapers, and sparkling marble flooring. The rooms uncover old-world luxury with the shades of gold and coffee, along with wood-burnt fireplaces and exquisite linen.

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The Eliot Hotel (4 Stars)


The Eliot Hotel stands on the intersection of Massachusetts and Commonwealth Avenues. Staying in this hotel, you will have easy access to the premier shopping and dining spots of Newbury Street. Fenway Park, Skywalk Observatory, and Mapparium are just a 5-minute taxi ride away. The yellow-hued colonial French interiors give the hotel an old-world charm. Constructed in 1925, the hotel still uses many of its original wood-carved furniture. Most of its 95 rooms have separate kitchenettes, mini-bars, flat-screen TV, and coffee-makers.

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The Kendall Hotel (3 Stars)


Once a red-brick Victorian fireplace, The Kendall Hotel renovated itself into a seven-story boutique hotel in 2000. Despite transforming into a modern space, the hotel still keeps its fireplace character alive. You can see fireplace antiques and memorabilia, as well as an extensive collection of folk art. The Kendall Hotel’s compact size gives you a more personal experience, unlike other luxury hotels in the city. You have several activities to choose from – from a wine tour to a day at Cambridge Athletic Club. The rooms have coffee-makers, soft linen, tub-showers, and soundproof windows to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Start each day with a delicious buffet breakfast at Black Sheep, the bistro-like restaurant of the hotel.

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Sightseeing in Boston

Boston is a cosmopolitan city full of treasures. From the academic quarters to Chinatown and Boston Tea Party to the cutting-edge business headquarters, Boston has multiple facets. You can spend a lifetime exploring every nook and cranny of the Massachusetts capital. Architectural gems, exciting landscapes, and world-renowned universities populate the city with wonders. There are more than three hundred landmarks in the city. With a plethora of exciting attractions, plan to see as much as possible during your holiday in Boston. While you won’t be able to see all of them in just a single visit, there are a few that you shouldn’t miss out:

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Fenway Park


Fenway Park is a mecca for baseball lovers. Even if you are not a baseball fan, you can still appreciate this historical park. As home to the Red Sox since way back to 1912, Fenway Park has a dynamic history. Loved and cherished by all Bostonians, this is the perfect place to get an insight into Boston’s life. Be sure to check out the 37-foot-tall field wall, known by the fans as the Green Monster. If you are lucky, you may even catch a baseball game. The best way to get to Fenway Park is by bike. New Balance and the Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition have teamed up to make that easy. There is a bike valet located right at Gate D so you can drop your bike in a flash.


Museum of Fine Arts


As one of America’s oldest and largest museums, the Museum of Fine Arts is home to impressive art collections. The museum follows a Grecian-style architecture and stands out with classic Ionic columns. It is famous for its Impressionist paintings as well as its extensive Asian, Egyptian, American, and African art displays. At the entrance of this building, you’ll find the sculpture called the “Appeal to the Great Spirit”, which features a Native American man riding on a peaceful-looking stallion. Historical artifacts such as tea sets, gold jewelry, and a bust of an Egyptian king are sure to intrigue you.


Freedom Trail


Freedom Trail begins at the Boston Common and concludes at the famed Bunker Hill Monument. The trail covers almost all major attractions in central Boston. There are 16 fascinating sites along the way. Various museums, meeting houses, churches, and cemeteries tell the tale of the United States’ rich history. Walk along the red line marked on the sidewalk, and you will be on your way through the 2.5-mile path lining several American Revolution sites. While it is easy to do a self-guided tour, you can gain some unique insights by joining an organized walk.

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Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum


Many consider the Boston Tea Party to be one of American history’s turning points. It was the first significant act of defiance by the colonists against the British Government. The event also played a role in the conception of the American Revolution. The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum was built to commemorate this important event. It’s an interactive exhibit that both kids and adults can learn plenty from. You might even chance upon actors reenacting scenes from history! This museum also has a tea room, where you can sit and enjoy a warm cup of tea and your choice of desserts. This museum has various exhibits, including The Meeting House, Minuteman Theatre, Griffin’s Wharf, and The Tea Party Ships.


Boston Common 


Established in 1634 in the heart of the city, Boston Common is the oldest city park in the United States. Boston Common is the place where locals and tourists come to spend a field day, enjoy musical presentations and play. Each spring, the famous swan-shaped boats go sailing through the waters of the park, just as they have done for more than 130 years. Take your partner for a boat ride and admire the gardens and historic buildings of the silhouette of the city that looks out over the treetops. During the summer, sit back and cool down next to the elegant Brewer Fountain. Or go to the Frog Pond where children can play with water jets. In winter, the Frog Pond turns into a charming ice rink.

If you like to skate, be an expert or beginner, the Skating Academy will offer you a wide variety of lessons. Climb the small hill towards Flagstaff Hill to admire the magnificent Monument of the Soldiers and Marines, made of white granite. The hill is an excellent point to take photographs and one of the most popular places to sled during the winter. One of the most popular venues in the park is the Central Burying Ground. It houses the graves of known local artists, composers, and poets such as Caleb Davis, William Billings, and Gilbert Stuart.


Faneuil Hall


Merchant Peter Faneuil built the in Faneuil Hall in 1741. It has served in Boston as a meeting room, open forum, and a marketplace for over 270 years. Several patriots such as Samuel Adams and James Otis delivered fiery speeches in this hall in favor of independence. This event earned it the title, “The Cradle of Liberty”. Currently, the ground floor has shops and food establishments. With more than 70 shops occupying 200,000 square feet of retail space, you can find anything and everything here. The second floor is still a meeting room. And on the third floor is the museum and weapons room of the Massachusetts Artillery Company.

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Beacon Hill 


The historic Beacon Hill is one of Boston’s smallest suburbs, but what it lacks in size, it has plenty of charm. Cobbled sidewalks and rocking gas lamps line the streets. Beautiful flower pots and wrought iron fences adorn the federal-style row houses. If you want to know a little more about the history of Beacon Hill, take one of the many free walking tours by local tourism agencies. Grab a coffee from one of the many cafes, and stroll through the cobblestone streets at your own pace. Acorn Street is one of the most picturesque and photographer-friendly streets in the area. Make sure you pass through Mount Vernon Street and Louisburg Square, two of Boston’s most appealing spots.

You’ll find a perfect souvenir of the city in one of the many antique and craft shops on Charles Street. Stop for a drink at the Cheers Beacon Hill pub bar, which inspired the hit 1980s television series “Cheers.” The bibliophiles will want to visit Boston Athenaeum, an exquisitely decorated and furnished private library, overlooking the Granary Burying Grounds. Across Beacon Street is the domed State House, the center of Massachusetts state politics.


Back Bay 


In Back Bay, charming houses and historic sites coexist with modern brands and sky-kissing skyscrapers. As you walk through the tree-lined boulevards, notice how the design follows a pattern. In 1856, Arthur Gilman proposed a zoning plan based on the French model, with a logical street layout. The names of the cross streets are in alphabetical order. Be sure to visit the Boston Public Library, the first in the country that lent books for free to readers. The Italian Renaissance-style building has fabulous murals, vaulted ceilings and a quiet courtyard with a fountain.


Museum of Science 


The Science Museum promotes interactive learning with hundreds of fascinating exhibitions. Set aside one day to make the most of the 700 exhibits in the museum, spread over three floors. There are live presentations and screenings at the IMAX cinema, 3-D digital cinema, and the planetarium. There is plenty to choose from for children of all ages and also for their parents. Open drawers, look at the mirrors, press the buttons and move levers. And know more about topics as varied as optical illusions and the inner workings of the human body. Visit the Live Animals Presentation, which explores the ecology and behavior of some of the museum’s 120 residents. These include reptiles, birds and mammals. Stroll through the Butterfly Garden, a warm conservatory full of tropical plants and colorful butterflies from around the world.

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ESTA tried the best Restaurants in Boston


Boston is home to some beloved American classics such as bacon burgers, cheesy pizzas, cream pies, lobster rolls, roast beef sandwiches, steaks, oysters, fried clams, ribeye, and roasted lamb. It is quite a culinary paradise. Boston has a wide array of restaurants that would fit every budget. So, whether you’re up for a cheap bite or something more indulgent, you will find a place that will suit your cravings. Here are a few local establishments that you can sample:


An ESTA visa recommendation – Porto (Top Level) boston-porto-restaurant


Porto offers you the option to dine in a beautiful outdoor seating area – perfect for balmy Boston summers. Award-winning chef Jody Adams co-founded this restaurant, which many consider as one of the best in the city. This restaurant serves a wide array of delicacies that delight not only the tongue but also the eyes. Specialties include warm lobster lettuce wraps, shrimp in terracotta, whole roasted branzino, pan-roasted halibut, and fried calamari. They also have a bar that provides guests with an impressive selection of wine.

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If you love coffee this is an ESTA visa recommendation – Thinking Cup (Medium Level)


The Thinking Cup sits in downtown Boston, just a few steps away from the city park Boston Common. It is the usual hangout of busy Boston locals, particularly the students, hence the name. The cafe sources coffee beans from all over the world, so their coffee has rich and exciting flavors. They have a team of great coffee artists, too. This café has a modern and cozy interior but what makes this café unique is its service. The baristas take their time to inform their customers about the different coffee beans and their flavors.



Barking Crab (Medium Level)


Barking Crab lies right at the edge of Fort Point Channel and offers a casual atmosphere of a clam cabin beside the shore. As the name speaks, their extensive menu mostly presents fresh seafood dishes. However, there are other choices like meat and vegetables to delight the palate of every guest. Their menu includes different varieties of seafood, ranging from shrimps and lobsters to crabs and clams. If you can’t decide what to order, go for the mouth-watering whole-bellied clams, lobster rolls, or fried Atlantic sea scallops.

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Union Oyster House (Medium Level)


Union Oyster House is the oldest continuously running restaurant, not only in Boston but in the United States. Open since 1826, prominent men such as President Kennedy and Daniel Webster have dined here. They serve oysters in all ways – raw, grilled, fried, and Rockefeller (with a butter sauce, parsley and fine herbs). Besides oysters, there are other seafood options such as ravioli lobster salad and clam chowder. The iconic New England clam chowder is a cream-based soup made with clams, potatoes, pork, and onions. Ask the staff to be seated at John F. Kennedy’s favorite table, if it’s available.


Mistral (Top Level)


An ESTA visa recommendation – Chef Jamie Mammano’s Mistral is located in the South End of Boston. This French restaurant has a Provençal ambiance and uses seasonal ingredients in its dishes. Among its star dishes are tuna tartare sushi with crunchy wontons, ginger and soybeans, and roasted duck. Sunday brunch is quite popular.


Tourists come to Boston for a sense of New England charm combined with the unique individualism portrayed by its many neighborhoods. All are within a close distance from each other. They each have a different tone and style – from the classic Victorian townhomes of Back Bay to the youthful Cambridge.



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