May 8, 2019

The ESTA application for 5 places you can’t miss in Boston

ESTA application to Boston

Complete your ESTA application and Travel to Boston

Before heading out for Boston, you’ll have to arrange for your US Visa. Instead of a conventional US Visa, you might consider going for your ESTA Visa – No matter, if you are an entrepreneur, or work for a large corporation, or on a holiday before you can start your trip to Boston, those formalities have to be taken care of. You’ll either need a regular USA Visa or an ESTA Visa USA. You can find the online ESTA application form here. Welcome to our  ESTA Visa travel guide for Boston. “ESTA” stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorisation. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security manages the VWP which issues the ESTA Visa USA.



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The ESTA application

You can complete your ESTA application here on this website in minutes, and receive an ESTA Visa by email within hours. An ESTA Visa will be valid for 2 years and allow for multiple entries into the United States. A regular USA Visa means that you will have to pay a visit to the US Embassy to apply and it will take many days or weeks for the process to complete. So, instead of a conventional US Visa, complete the ESTA application online here and be on your way to Boston within hours.

with your ESTA application fly to Boston

Information about Boston by your ESTA application site.

Complete your ESTA application and head off to the United States and Boston. The city proper covers 49 square miles with an estimated population of 694,583 in 2018, which also makes it the most populous city in New England. The city of Boston is located in the state of Massachusetts. As one of the oldest cities in the United States, Boston is the home of invaluable historic, sporting and cultural treasures. Those are waiting to be discovered in a very didactic and interesting way by anyone who decides to visit this magnificent city.

Boston is a thriving center of scientific research as well as the port of entry for commerce and international immigration. The Boston area’s many colleges and universities make it a world leader in higher education. This includes law, medicine, engineering, and business. The city is also considered to be a global pioneer in innovation and entrepreneurship, with nearly 5,000 startups.



Museum of Fine Arts

We from ESTA application strongly suggest. One of the places you can’t miss when in Boston is the Museum of Fine Arts. The Museum opened its doors to the public in 1876. It is considered to be one of the oldest in the United States.

The Museum has one of the biggest permanent collections in the country. Its visitors can enjoy both classic and contemporary works during a guided tour lasting between 2 and 3 hours. The most popular exhibitions include those dedicated to photography, jewelry, and art.

To make your visit to the museum more enjoyable, the facilities even include a wine bar, cafeteria, and various restaurants. If you visit Boston and don’t want to miss an opportunity to enjoy art, this is a compulsory destination.

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Fenway Park Fenway Park stadium Boston

Fenway Park is decorated with flags announcing their sporting victories and statues erected in honor of those who have made history there.

Since it was founded in 1912, it is considered to be the MLB’s oldest stadium. From then onwards it has been the home of the Boston Red Socks. Exciting tours are organized, taking you back to the stadium’s early days and letting you see every corner of this mythical place and the history of the Boston Red Socks.

One of the most requested activities among those who visit the stadium is the “Batting Practice Tour”. These tours take place on game days and allow you to enter the stadium before the rest of the public. You can visit the field’s warning track and sit in great seats that make you feel like you’re almost on the field itself. The tour ends on top of the “Green Monster”, where you might be able to catch one of the batting practice balls.

If you want to experience something unforgettable while you are in Boston, this stadium visit should be at the top of your list.



Special suggestion from ESTA application – the Freedom Trail

Although it is not really a place as such, this is an experience that you shouldn’t miss out on when you visit Boston. ESTA application

The Freedom Trail is a 4-kilometer walk marked out in red on the streets of Boston. Those who do the Trail are led to different places of historical significance during the American Revolution. It takes about 2 hours to and can be easily completed on foot.

The 16 places that you can visit on the Trail include:

The Old South Meeting House, where the Boston Tea Party occurred. Which as we all know, was leading to the beginning of the American Revolution. If you follow this route, you will also come across The Old State House. Until 1776, this impressive building housed the Headquarters of the British Government. You can also visit the Navy frigate, USS Constitution, which many people find very interesting. It is after all the oldest active warship in the United States.

Considered to be one of the city’s biggest attractions. The Freedom Trail gives us the opportunity to learn details about the history of the United States that can only be found in Boston.



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New England Aquarium

The New England Aquarium is highly recommended if you want to have some fun while you are in Boston.

The Aquarium has magnificent exhibitions of species from all over the world. During your visit, you will see exotic animals such as giant octopi from the Pacific, North sea lions, blue penguins, lionfish and many more. This variety makes this attraction a great place to visit.

The Aquarium organizes various activities for the public of all ages. Those include diving in the tanks as well as penguin and seal shows. One of the most popular activities is the whale-spotting cruise, during which you can also see dolphins and sea birds.

This is one place you will visit knowing that you will not get bored and that you will go away with new knowledge.

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Complete your ESTA application and visit the Boston Common

Boston Commons

You can’t leave the city without visiting the marvelous Boston Common. This is the oldest park in the United States and is considered to be the city’s green lung.



It is the perfect place to relax surrounded by nature within this great city. It is normal to see musical events, people playing or practicing sports and family picnics. The park has a pond known as “Frog Pond¨, which is very popular in the summer. Especially among those fleeing from the heat, while in winter it becomes a charming ice rink, where many people go skating.

This fascinating space located in the center of Boston is the starting point of the Freedom Trail. It is also the location of the information center for those interested in doing the Trail.

Getting to know first-hand the places where the American Revolution took place. You’ll be walking along the streets that witnessed the struggle for Independence in the United States. While doing so, you may feel you are part of one of the best baseball teams ever. Also, being able to escape to places within the city of total relaxation, are experiences unique to Boston.

Fill in your ESTA application and within 72 hours or earlier you can be on your way to Boston. There, many historic and cultural treasures await discovery. You will not only be fascinated by this city’s history and culture though, but its culinary offerings are also equally impressive.



Boston has a lot to offer for your taste buts as well. To mention just two of the outstanding restaurants you will find, there are:

The ESTA application tip:  “Mastros Ocean Club“, a steak house and “The tasting counter”  a fine dining venue you will truly enjoy.



Mastro’s Ocean Club

This classic, yet very stylish Restaurant specializes in top-end fresh Sea Food and is located at 25 Fan Pier Boulevard. Here are just a few examples from the menu

  • Shrimp Cocktail
  • Colossal Crab Cocktail
  • Lobster Cocktail
  • Chilled Alaskan King Crab Legs
  • Chilled Alaskan Red King Crab Claws (ea)
  • Oysters on the Half Shell
  • Oysters Rockefeller
  • Sautéed Shrimp
  • Caviar

The tasting counter

This is an ultra-modern restaurant where no cozy interior will destruct from the food offered. It is located at 14 Tyler St, Somerville, Boston

Peter & Ginhee Ungàr opened Tasting Counter in 2015, and have dedicated themselves to creating award-winning 9-course tasting menus. It is an experience not to be missed.


Your online ESTA application will be valid for 2 years and allow multiple trips to the United States of a maximum of 90 days each, or a total of no more than 180 days annually.




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