October 15, 2020

Covid 19 and your US travel with your ESTA travel permit

Your ESTA Visa and Covid 19

Preparing to Travel from the UK to the US with your ESTA Visa Post COVID-19

Everyone around the world has been impacted by COVID-19. The pandemic has changed the way we engage with each other, our day to day activities, and especially travel. Due to this health concern, international travel has come to a halt for many months. The good news is the governments of the UK, US, and Germany is working on plans to open up the air corridors. It may be possible to travel from the UK to the US again in the near future, despite the covid 19 pandemic. Preparing for such travel must include your ESTA USA. Prepping for your USA trip can be exciting and give you something to look forward to. Travel to the US from the UK for business or fun is long overdue. Safety precautions are still going to be implemented going both directions to stay on top of the COVID-19 issue.

ESTA and Vaccinations against Covid 19

Experts continue to share a vaccine for the covid 19 viruses that will be available shortly. They expect it to be the solution to controlling and containing COVID 19. It may be a requirement to travel from the UK to the US to show proof of such a vaccination. This would be a precaution to reduce the risk of the problem continuing to spread as people get back to traveling.

Research and development are in motion to get the vaccine created. The goal is to create something highly effective to help people all over the world. This isn’t an easy feat though due to the variables involved. There is no fast solution but plenty is being done to bring the reality of a COVID-19 vaccine closer and closer every day. Helpful is the fact, that Covid 19 isn’t the only Corona Virus, but a member of another, long-existing family of viruses. There is for example the flu virus, for which vaccines are already available. This gives researchers a foundation for the development of the vaccine against the Covid 19 virus and saves a lot of time.

The ESTA application is fast and easy. Click below and have your ESTA travel
permission ready for when travel will be allowed again soon.

ESTA application

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Understanding ESTA meaning is important when you talk about international travel. ESTA stands for Electronic System Travel Authorization. For those traveling from the UK, it is an electronic Visa. If you plan to travel from the UK once it is allowed again, apply for ESTA now. It can take some time to process. If you wait until you want to fly, you may have a delay due to so many others applying at that time.

This has been a requirement for travel to the US since 2007. It is in place to ensure those traveling to the country aren’t considered a risk to law enforcement or overall security. With COVID-19, the information is going to be on record once international flights occur again. Should there be an outbreak it will be easy to identify who has traveled from one country to the next.

ESTA involves several steps to complete the process. It can be done online at your convenience. Read through the information and answer all areas. If you have questions don’t continue until you have clarification of what is needed for that information. Otherwise, your application can be delayed or denied. If you stop the application before it is complete,  you can go back in and finish it later. Most people can complete it in 20 to 30 minutes from start to finish.

To be efficient, gather your information and have it with you when you complete the ESTA application. You will need the following:

  • Contact phone number
  • Email address
  • Emergency contact name, email, and phone number 
  • Home address
  • Payment for the fee by credit or debit card
  • Valid passport

With your ESTA completed you will be ready to travel when the green light for international lights is given. It can take weeks to be authorized once you submit it. Don’t book your travel and hope you can get the documentation you need in time. Obtain that documentation now while travel is on hold. 

It is important to understand ESTA is not a Visa, they are different documents for travel to the US. The ESTA is only valid for travel up to 90 days. If your travel plans extend beyond that period a Visa will be required. If you have a valid Visa you do not need to apply for the ESTA. 

Should your passport not be valid, complete that process before you apply for ESTA. Otherwise, it will be denied and the fee paid will not be refunded. That fee will have to be paid when you apply again after renewing or obtaining a valid passport.  The ESTA application and information will remain on file for 2 years or until the person’s passport expires, whichever is first. 


While COVID 19 remains a fluid situation with many variables, it is anticipated travel from the UK to the US will be possible again before the end of 2020. This depends on vaccine availability and results. It also depends on the number of COVID 19 reported cases and deaths. If the numbers continue to go down that is a move in the right direction. It is now becoming clear, that not one, but to effective covid 19 vaccines will be available in a matter of weeks and President Trump issued an emergency decree for fast distribution. If you wish to or need to travel to the USA in December or January, we suggest you apply for ESTA now.

Plan your travel if flights are available, but we prepared for changes to occur. This can include flights getting rescheduled or canceled as those travel dates get closer.  Only book travel that is refundable or you can get credit if the travel arrangements aren’t possible due to COVID 19 at that time. 

There will still be checks at arrival

Don’t be surprised if you must get your temperature checked before getting on any international flight. Those with an elevated temperate aren’t going to be allowed to board as they may put other passengers at risk. The requirement of flying with a face mask may continue long after the international flights happen again.

Bottlenecks are predicted for ESTA applications when the opening of travel to the USA is announced. It is better to do your ESTA application now and have it ready when flights are open again.

ESTA guide – Your Health during Covid 19 times

Do your part to keep the numbers low and to improve the chances of travel between the UK and the US. Wear a mask when in public and wash your hands often. Use hand sanitizer and wipes to remove germs from surfaces you touch. If you have a fever or you don’t feel well it is best to avoid being around others. 

If your symptoms coincide with those of COVID 19, there are testing sites available. Schedule a test or go to a drive-through provider. Recovering from COVID 19 takes time and it is best to isolate so you don’t risk spreading it to others. It takes a conscious effort from everyone to get this pandemic under control. That is the only way such travel will once again be possible.



The ESTA application is fast and easy. Click below and have your ESTA travel
permission ready for when travel will be allowed again soon.

ESTA application despite covid 19

Click here for your ESTA application for your ESTA Visa USA