November 19, 2020

ESTA Visa for the USA


The ESTA Visa for your US travels

A US ESTA Visa – Unless you already have a conventional US Visa, you must complete the ESTA application here and receive an ESTA Visa USA, before heading out to Atlanta. The ESTA Visa USA application for your business trip to Atlanta for your US ESTA Visa for business travelers. Before heading out for your business venture to Phoenix, you’ll also have to arrange for your US Visa. Instead of a conventional US Visa, you might consider opting for a US ESTA Visa.

No matter, if you are an entrepreneur, or work for a large corporation, or just want to come on vacation to Atlanta, those formalities have to be taken care of. You’ll either need a regular US Visa or an ESTA Visa. You can find an ESTA application form here. Welcome to our  US ESTA Visa travel guide for Atlanta Georgia. “ESTA” stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorisation. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security manages the VWP which issues the ESTA Visa USA.

ESTA application

Many travelers are confused about an ESTA and what it does for them.

To help clarify things, we’re going to discuss its basics and what you need to know before traveling to the United States. 

But first, a little history. The ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) was created in 2007, with travelers able to sign up for it the following year. The ESTA is part of the VWP (Visa Waiver Program), and as such, you can travel to the United States without having to apply for a visa.

Since the Electronic System for Travel Authorization isn’t a visa, using the ESTA ensures a faster process for traveling to the United States. When you get approved to visit the US, you are being approved for travel without a visa. Approval depends on the information you submit for travel. 

Those eligible are essentially cleared as safe for travel, negating the need for a visa. The ESTA approval process is incredibly easy and quite fast. Unlike signing up for a visa, which can take several weeks to get approval, an ESTA only takes 24 hours.

Apply for Your ESTA, complete the ESTA application for your ESTA Visa USA here

How Long Is an ESTA Valid? 

Starting on the day that you get approved, your ESTA is good for two years. Many times, this will be the same day that you sign up. As such, you need to plan and make sure that your passport is also good for another two years, or at least however long you plan on using your ESTA.

Although an ESTA is good for two years, you may only use it for 90 days at a time. This starts from the moment you arrive in the United States. Staying past the 90-day mark may bar you from re-entering the country.

Furthermore, visiting the neighboring countries of Mexico or Canada during your 90-day period will not pause or reset your allotted time. Therefore, you should plan accordingly so that you accomplish everything you need to do while visiting the United States.

This was put into place to prevent travelers from taking advantage of the program. If you travel to another country, however, the time will reset on your ESTA. Travelers should be aware that repeatedly leaving and returning to the United States while using an ESTA is likely to get the attention of border patrol and result in questioning. 

If you have any business in the United States that requires you to be there for longer than 90 days, you will need to apply for a visa.


WhatESTA Covers

The Electronic System for Travel Authorization allows you to travel to the United States for two purposes: business or tourism. Once you arrive, you may either tour the country or take part in business-related activities.

To be clear, business purposes do not entail you coming to the United States to look for work. You must be visiting to attend business meetings or conferences and the like related to your job. 

There are also special circumstances that warrant the use of the Electronic System for Travel Authorization. These include schooling or medical treatment that lasts 90 days or less. If you are coming to the United States for schooling purposes, it must not be for academic credit.


ESTA = Signing up for the Electronic System for Travel Authorization

When you sign up to use the Electronic System for Travel Authorization, there are three separate responses that you can receive in response to your application: “Authorization Approved”, “Authorization Pending”, or “Travel Not Authorized”.

Receiving “Authorization Approved” means you are approved for travel and may begin doing so right away. When the approval comes in, you will get an official confirmation number along with an expiration date that lets you know how long your ESTA is good for.

This is often two years from the day that you signed up, although it can also be the following day.

Authorization Pending” simply means that your application couldn’t automatically be approved and will need to go through a secondary vetting process. At this point, you can expect to receive a definitive response regarding your approval within 72 hours.

And lastly, “Travel Not Authorized” means that you were deemed ineligible to travel to the United States under the ESTA program. As such, you will need to apply for a visa if you wish to travel to the US.

Most applications are approved immediately, allowing travelers to visit the United States right away. It’s important that you thoroughly check your application before submitting it to ensure that there are no errors present. 

ESTA application

A US ESTA Visa application for your travel permit to the USA

Who Is Covered by the ESTA?

Only you are covered under the Electronic System for Travel Authorization. Even if you have an infant child, they must have their own ESTA for travel to the United States. It is, therefore, necessary to submit separate applications for every individual who plans on traveling with you. 

For child passengers, you may submit their information on their behalf as long as it is factual and correct. Each application will go through the same electronic verification process for entering the US.


Final Considerations

It’s important to understand that border patrol makes the final say as to whether you may enter the United States. Even though you were approved by the ESTA, border patrol can deny you entry.

Remember, security is tight in the United States. You are likely to be asked a few questions as to why you are visiting. Don’t let this alarm you, as it is standard protocol for everyone seeking entry into the US. Always be honest and forthcoming, and you should have an easy experience.


A US ESTA Visa – How Do I Sign Up?

The ESTA application process is different from that of a visa. Everything is done online, so you won’t need to present any physical documents. The approval process is completely automated. 

Any information that you submit is checked via multiple databases, and as such, is digitally assesses to determine your eligibility to travel to the United States.



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Apply for Your ESTA, complete the ESTA application for your ESTA Visa USA here