April 6, 2020

Business Trip to Indianapolis: Travel Guide and Tips

ESTA und Indianapolis 

The ESTA Visa application and your Indianapolis Business Travel 

Unless you already have a conventional US Visa, you must complete the ESTA Visa application here and receive your ESTA USA, before heading out to Atlanta. The ESTA Visa USA application for your business trip to Atlanta for your US ESTA Visa for business travelers. Before heading out for your business venture to Phoenix, you’ll also have to arrange for your US Visa. Instead of a conventional US Visa, you might consider opting for a US ESTA Visa.

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ESTA application for your ESTA Visa USA


The ESTA Visa USA application for Business for your US ESTA Visa

The ESTA Visa application for your ESTA Visa

An ESTA application for Business travels

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The ESTA application Guide for Indianapolis


Indianapolis, often shortened to Indy, is the state capital of Indiana. It’s the most populated city in the state of Indiana and is a hotspot for business travelers from all over the world.


Indianapolis Panorama

Indianapolis is ranked as the 27th largest economic region in the U.S. This may seem relatively small, but don’t get it wrong – it’s huge. It’s managed to become such a large economic force because of their diversified sectors that power the city’s economy. Throughout the city, you’ll see that businesses have an emphasis in insurance, manufacturing, finance, professional ad business services, health care, wholesale trade, and education. This robust background in many different industries keeps Indianapolis’ economy constantly on the rise. This also means that it’s a frequent place for businessmen to travel through.

If you’re traveling from the U.K to Indianapolis on a business trip, you’re in luck. This article was created with the intent of guiding you through all the ins and outs of visiting Indianapolis on a business trip.

The ESTA Visa application for Business for your US ESTA Visa

The ESTA Visa application for your ESTA Visa

Keep reading to learn more about the airport, transportation, accommodation, and the cuisine you can find within the city.


Flying to/from Indianapolis United airplane taking off

The Indianapolis International Airport is the major airport that serves the Indianapolis area. It’s located a short seven miles southwest of downtown Indianapolis. It hosts the majority of domestic airliners that you’ll find within the U.S. This includes Southwest, Delta, United, and others. It’s also a hub for international travel as Indianapolis is quite a popular place for business meetings to occur for parties from all over the world. International flights come from Canada and Cancun.

Unfortunately, if you’re traveling from the U.K, you won’t be able to fly directly into Indianapolis. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to reach your destination. Rather, you’ll simply need to fly into a larger airport such as in Denver or via LAX and then take a connecting flight that lands at IND.


From there, you’ll be happy to know that traveling within Indianapolis is a breeze.

The ESTA Visa application for Business for your US ESTA Visa

The ESTA Visa application for your ESTA Visa

Getting to/from the airport

Traveling to/from IND

The city of Indianapolis is aware that their airport is a hotspot for international travelers to come through. With that in mind, they’ve ensured that traveling to and from the airport is relatively easy. Here are the options you’ll have once you land:


  • Taxicabs
  • Express buses
  • Ridesharing services
  • Take the IndyGo


Taxicabs will be your fastest way to travel to downtown from IND.

However, it’s going to be your most expensive option as well. Even though downtown Indianapolis is only a short seven miles away from the airport, you can still expect to spend upwards of 30 USD on the journey.

On the other hand, if you want cheaper transportation, the express bus and the IndyGo both run one bus back and forth between downtown Indianapolis and the airport. Both bus systems are excellent options and are relatively cheap. Almost anyone should be able to afford one of these. On the downside, your journey to downtown Indianapolis may take upwards of one hour.

If you’re looking for a good in-between option, consider taking an Uber or Lyft while there. Both ridesharing services are extremely popular throughout the U.S. You’ll simply order a ride over and a driver will come to pick you up and take you to your destination. These are usually about 30 to 50 percent cheaper than a taxicab. The only downside is that you’ll need to wait a few minutes for your driver to arrive. While with taxis, you can simply hop in one that’s waiting outside the baggage claim area.

The ESTA Visa application for Business for your US ESTA Visa

The ESTA Visa application for your ESTA Visa

ESTA Guide – Lounges and Suites at IND

Business man sitting in an executive lounge at O'Hare Airport

Businessman sitting in an executive lounge

Because of Indianapolis’s well-known status as an international business hub, you’ll find that their accommodations are reflected in the great lounges throughout the airport. Here are some lounge options you’ll have while visiting IND.


Delta Sky Club

The Delta Sky Club is located Airside, within Concourse A, immediately after security yet before you reach the Starbucks. It’s open to all economy-class fliers. However, you’ll need to be a member of the Delta Sky Club to gain free entry. If you’re not a member, you may be charged a fee to enter if room allows.

Here are the amenities that they provide:

  • Non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages
  • Fax machines, hot spot printing, and photocopiers
  • Newspaper and magazines
  • Snacks
  • TVs
  • Telephones
  • Free WiFi


USO Lounge

The USO Lounge is open for active members of the military and their families. They’re made for extra comfort to accommodate the stressful lives of active-duty military members. You can find the USO Lounge within the main terminal, near baggage claim 3.

Here are the amenities they provide:

  • Complimentary snacks and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Computers and free WiFi
  • Prints
  • Video game consoles and blue-ray DVD players
  • TVs, lounge chairs, and toiletries
  • A lending library
  • A children’s play area
  • Additional assistance as you need it
The ESTA Visa application for Business for your US ESTA Visa

The ESTA Visa application for your ESTA Visa

ESTA Guide – Indianapolis Business Hotels

Conrad Indianapolis (5 Stars)

The Conrad Hotel

The Conrad Hotel

The Conrad Indianapolis is the ideal hotel for those looking to have a luxurious experience while on their business trip. It’s a 23-story hotel that has all the amenities that you’d want.

They include:

  • A wine bar
  • An art gallery for your viewing pleasure
  • Various meeting spaces for conferences and business needs
  • A spa and spa services
  • A pool to enjoy at your leisure
ESTA application for your ESTA Visa USA


Piccadilly Penthouse (5 Stars)

The Piccadilly Penthouse is comfort and luxury at its finest. Their central location is also great if you have a work schedule that takes you into downtown Indianapolis.

Here are the amenities you can expect:

  • Modernly decorated rooms with an emphasis on comfort
  • A rooftop lounging area with green felt for some casual recreational activities
  • Extremely friendly and providing staff
  • A pool available at your leisure
  • Accommodations to make you feel like you’re still at home
The ESTA Visa application for Business for your US ESTA Visa

The ESTA Visa application for your ESTA Visa

Exhibitions in Indianapolis

Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA)

The IMA is an art museum located in the heart of Indianapolis. It’s known or housing exhibitions, classes, tours, and various events. If you’re looking for a fun and interactive activity on a Friday night, look no further. It’s the ninth oldest encyclopedic art museum in the U.S and holds more than 54,000 works. These works come from all over the world including Europe, Asia Africa, and the Americas.

ESTA application for your ESTA Visa USA


Indianapolis Zoo

Who doesn’t love the zoo? They’re full of animals and neat information that fills you with a fuzzy feeling of learning. The Indianapolis zoo is no exception. The zoo is home to more than 3,800 animals and 320 species and subspecies. You’ll also be happy to know that they have an aquarium and a botanical garden to enjoy.  It’s located within White River State Park – another location that’d be a beautiful location to walk through and enjoy

The ESTA Visa application for Business for your US ESTA Visa

The ESTA Visa application for your ESTA Visa

ESTA Guide – Best Restaurants in Indianapolis

Tinker Street

If you want the true American dining experience with a flair included, you must visit Tinker Street.


It’s styled as a New American outpost that serves up wines, brews, and seasonal foods both within their walls and outside. They have a pleasant patio that you can enjoy when the weather permits.


St. Elmo Steak House

St. Elmo Steak House is the premier steak house within Indianapolis. They’re known not only across the state of Indiana but throughout the culinary world as well. They’ve won several state awards and have made a name for themselves within the industry. If you want an upscale meal with the best steak you can find in the city, St. Elmo is your best bet.


The Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse

Fogo de Chao is a chain restaurant, but don’t get it twisted – it’s much more than your standard Applebee’s or Chilis. Fogo de Chao specializes in serving up an all-you-can-eat styled meal of the highest quality meats available on the market. You read that right. All you can eat filet mignon and other quality cuts. Servers wander around the tables and offer food to anyone who indicates that they’re not yet full. If you’ve not had the experience of being served an endless amount of steak, cooked to perfection, visiting Fogo de Chao should land on your list of places to try.




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The ESTA Visa application for Business for your US ESTA Visa

The ESTA Visa application for your ESTA Visa