February 20, 2019

North America – How Different Cultures Have Enriched Everyday Life In Canada And USA

North America

ESTA asks; What about US cultures – The concept of culture is an all-embracing one. In every real sense culture is a phenomenon that defines the general living pattern of a nation and its people. Culture is a phenomenon that also indicates the past heritage and lineage of a country and its population. It reflects the process of evolution that has affected the presentation of the country. A country and its people are simply unthinkable without a specific culture.

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USA and Canada are two countries where culture is best defined as the amalgamation of diversities. There is a very important aspect that you will notice in the culture of USA and Canada. It is that ESTA US cultures these countries and their people have traditions that are much rooted in their ethnic history. But it is also indebted to the arrival of the different clans. Most were foreigners from Europe, Africa, South America, and Asia.

Along with the influence of the migrants, there is the culture of the Native Americans. This has helped the culture of these countries to become the most diversified and enriched. Far more than the culture of any other country in the world. In fact, it is not just the culture that has been influenced by the arrival of different ethnic groups. The phenomenon of the arrival of large immigrant groups has also contributed to enriching the economy and the mindset of the country and its people. After all, this has given North America the identity of the ‘melting pot of the world

How are the many different US cultures important

Culture is one of the basic indicators of a country’s progressive and benevolent attitude. It is also an indication of the quality of life that one can expect. Those values and principles are to be held close to the heart and with esteem.  Those things can be discerned out of a close inspection of the culture of a country.

It will be totally incorrect to say that the culture and the everyday life in Canada and the USA are strongly indebted to their immigrant population. A lot of indigenous elements of the USA and the Canadian culture have also been taken up and imbibed by the European, Asian, Latin American, and African immigrants and ex-pats. This has resulted in a richer and more dynamic pattern of living for the population of these countries as a whole.

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Effects of International Immigration on the USA Cultures

Culture is an all-inclusive and all-embracing phenomenon that brings a large numbered of things within its manifold and reach. Often included within the periphery of culture are language, learning, and education. But also festivals, social rituals, customs, as well as food and sports are part of a culture.

Both, the USA and Canada possess a rather mixed and diversified culture. In fact, it seems that in both cases diversity and a perfect amalgamation of different elements have resulted in a really rich and welcoming global culture. It is this global characteristic of culture and society as a whole of these two countries that have successfully attracted so many different talents and intellects from the different parts of the world. Making North America one of the most resourceful countries in the world. The accepting nature of American society led to the growth of the nation as one of the leading global power.

The following parameters of the North American culture will clearly reveal the fact that the influence of the different global immigrants did help the nations of the USA and that of Canada to emerge into the global powers that they are today.

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USA and Canada do not have any official language as such. A large part of the national population speaks of course in English. This is the language in which all formal transactions take place. It’s the language of trade and commerce. But also the principal language in which instructions and learnings are imparted in the various formal education institutions.

Nevertheless, we can see that the USA and Canada also have a large different varied group that speak in many non-English languages. One of the most important non-English languages that is spoken is of course Spanish. But there are also Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese, French, and even German and Dutch. This has helped people of different cultures and languages to coexist side by side making society a far more dynamic one.


If you take a closer look at the composition of the student fraternity of the USA and Canada you notice something important. You’ll see, that along with their national and native students, a large proportion of students have come from other parts of the world. Inventions and research in the USA have always received a lot of encouragement. The country has a large number of outstanding institutions that welcome talent from various parts of the world. We see these countries attracting some of the best brains across the world. The USA is a country where intellects fostering inventions get the maximum worth and rewards.

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ESTA informs – Holidays and festivals

In terms of holidays and festivals, we again see the influence of the different cultures. For example, owing to a large number of Indian ex-pats the USA and also Canada also see several Indian celebrations, which are conducted at different points in the country. All this enhances brotherhood amongst the people of different ethnic groups. This improving bond helps the society to be a more coordinated and cohesive place to exist in.


Sports has always been taken very seriously in Canada and the US. In the United States,  people play and support every game with a lot of enthusiasm. This ranges from basketball, baseball to hockey and of course, American football. Each team player from other countries brought with him a different style of playing. This collectively helped to make the sports and the games of the USA, as well as that of Canada much richer and often more aggressive.


The food the North Americans eat is rich and tasty! Chinese, Italian, and French, and of course the fast food locally invented makes this continent a curious place to be for all the gourmets. Did you know that the hot dog originally happened to be German food?

On the other hand, the traditional American food has also created its impact on the tastes and preferences of the immigrants. You can see that the population of these countries happens to enjoy a multi-cuisine array as a rule.


The amalgamation of different cultures has only made life and the societies of the USA and Canad richer and more dynamic. Ex-pat professionals and laborers both can be credited to a large percent with the development of the USA and Canada. With people of so many diverse backgrounds coexisting together a spirit of benevolence and tolerance is still prevailing in these societies.

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