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The Sequoia Tree National Park

There is no shortage of National Parks, incredible landscapes, and rich flora and fauna across the United States. Yet, out of all natural features the country has to offer, perhaps one of the most unique and impressive is the giant sequoia trees. Although most travelers don’t come to the US […]

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Best Music Festivals in the US

Much like travel and learning, music festivals have the power to inspire us. They allow us to experience a different culture, meet interesting people, get acquainted with local artistic traditions, all the while enjoying good music. In the northern hemisphere, the arrival of summer in June means a flood of […]

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Best Mountain Retreats in Colorado

When winter arrives in the northern hemisphere, most people are faced with two alternatives for their holidays: to embrace the cold or flee somewhere south in search of warmer temperatures. Nowadays, though, many winter destinations – with the charm and comfort of ski resorts – have been winning tourists over, […]

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