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Travelling With A Laptop

The Trump administration has imposed several directives on US travel, over the past few years. The ‘laptop’ ban that came into effect during March 2017 is one such decree that forbade passengers from carrying laptops when they were traveling to the US while coming from some airports in the Middle […]

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Interesting facts about wine in the United States

Nowadays, the United States is one of the biggest wine-producing countries in the world, placed fourth after France, Italy and Spain. According to the history of oenology in the country, which dates back about 300 years, wine-producing grapes were brought to the country by the first Europeans that explored North […]

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Fun facts about Louisiana

Named after King Louis XIV by the French explorer, René Robert Cavelier de La Salle, Louisiana is a city with a huge cultural diversity, which is reflected in its music, food, religious syncretism and the architecture of its buildings. Home of jazz: Did you know that jazz was created in […]

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5 places you can’t miss in Boston

The city of Boston is located in the state of Massachusetts. As one of the oldest cities in the United States, Boston is the home of invaluable historic, sporting and cultural treasures, which are waiting to be discovered in a very didactic and interesting way, by anyone who decides to […]

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2018 Report: US Airports Waiting Time

Government Shutdown Explained In a normal budget process Congress allocates funds for the following fiscal year by 30th September or else it enacts a continuing funding resolution. But if Congress can’t agree on any of the processes, it forces a shutdown. A government shutdown happens when non-essential or optional federal […]

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